Cisco IOU For Educitional Not For Commercial !


Prerequisite requirements :

– Cisco IOUs (go to pirateproxy and search about ‘cisco iou with keygen’)

– Any Linux host

In this article, I’ll show how to configure software:

1- Install openssl package on machine.

$ sudo yum install openssl-devel

2- create soft link to

$ sudo ln -s /lib/ /usr/lib/

3- Change privileges of folder by

$ chmod +x *

4- Run keygen to generate license key

$ python

5- copy lincese like this


YOUR_PC_NAME = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;

6- Create file called iourc and copy this in it:

$ touch iourc &&  vi iourc

(ctrl + shift + v ) paste lincese then (Esq)  then write ( :wq ) then Enter

7- Redirect data sent to Cisco to the localhost

When IOU image is started, IOU image sends data to You need to make “fake” DNS entry for to avoid this behaviour.

# echo "" >> /etc/hosts

8- Run IOU image

To limit number of interfaces on device, in this example (one Ethernet and one Serial port)

$ ./wrapper.bin -m ./i86bi_linux-adventerprisek9-m- -p 2222 -- -e 1 -s 1 200

To run device with all interfaces

$ ./wrapper.bin -m ./i86bi_linux-adventerprisek9-m- -p 2222 200

To get more about more information from here:

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