Upgrade to Fedora 20

It’s my first to upgrade my system in fedora. In last times i downloaded the newer system and install system from scratch.

I heard a lot about you can install system with “FedUp” -> “Fedora Upgrade” tool but i was took a easy road to install newer system by download the CD and put on flash memory and beginning to install system.

I decide to break the rules and use the tool and try on the experiment 🙂

Requirements: Patience and back up your important files.

1- Update system

# yum update -y

2- Find unused config files

# yum install rpmconf; rpmconf -a

to ensure

# find /etc /var -name '*?.rpm?*'

If nothing appear , go to next step

3- Find and review “unused” packages

# yum install yum-utils; package-cleanup --leaves

Remove the unused packages by

#yum remove package-name-and-version

Iterate this step more than ones to ensure that.

4- Find Install FedUp tool

# yum install fedup

5- upgrade the System

# fedup-cli --network 20

Recommended: make step 5 in command line mode or Text mode by type

# init 3

then after download all packages type # reboot  , After the system reboot select from “boot menu”  – System upgrade (Fedup)


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