Zabbix Network Monitoring Essentials – book review


9764OS_B04033__Zabbix Network Monitoring Essentials_Cover

since one year and half my manager asked from me to monitoring the infrastructure. After using many of monitoring tools. I decided to use zabbix to monitor. After Long time from studying and trying monitoring and network management but the road was hard for me because No one in my community understand monitoring generally and zabbix specially.

From short time i asked to review the book, I found it’s amazing book for beginners to start the monitoring world and some of practical examples you can see in real world. The book writer firstly explain how to install zabbix in large environment and shapes of installation from standalone to distributed ( Advice: The right installation of system due to close your phone in Night and go into deeply sleep 🙂 )

The book consist of 5 chapters:

1- Installing a Distributed Zabbix Setup

2- Active Monitoring of Your Devices

3- Monitoring Your Network Services

4- Discovering Your Network

5- Visualizing Your Topology with Maps and Graphs

If you want to persuade your manager to buy new server, you want mastering monitoring tools like zabbix .. If you want buy book

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