Upgrade Grandstream IP phones

One of my responsibility in my job ensure IP phones software is up to date and fix all bugs in software.

If you want to update ensure to  read the “change log” of the product and ensure from the firmware if it’s stable or beta version.

Lets’s go to upgrade.

1- you must have firmware location to make the phone pull the firmware from it. Grandstream support three protocols to upgrade “TFTTP ,  HTTP and HTTPS”, let’s go.

# mkdir /var/www/html/gs
# chmod o=rwx /var/www/html/gs

2- Go to Grandstream firmware site and choose the Phone Model and download it.

3- Unzip the firmware.

4- Use any FTP software to upload the firmware to gs directory and ensure you can access the directory by go to web browser and go to http://<your-server-ip/gs and you can download it.

Screenshot from 2015-07-08 01:04:01

5- Go to Phone and write username and password then go to

config -> upgrade -> upgrade via ( choose HTTP)
write in Firmware Server: <your-ip-server>/gs

every phone different in this location .. back to your phone manual to find this options.

6- Restart Your Phone and you found your phone flashing with red led and upgrade the phone. Like This Video

In My Post I choose GXP1450 Model.

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